17 Sep 2018

A cycle-relay for Giulio Regeni: UNESCO Giovani carries on its commitment to asking “truth”

UNESCO Giovani carries on its commitment to Truth for Giulio Regeni. More than two years after his disappearance, the association that counts 300 members, selected and divided by groups one in each region of Italy, helps to keep the event relevant and continues to ask for clarity on the story of the young researcher.

In particular, from the  22nd of September to the 3rd of October, UNESCO Giovani will take part in the stages of the cycle-relay “In Rome for Giulio”, and the final event is to be held in Rome on the 3rd of October at the India Theater, spreading a message of awareness.

The event – The event, organized by the FIAB BisiachInBici association of Monfalcone, foresees a cycle-relay that, starting from the United World College (UWC Adriatic) of Duino (Ts), school attended by Giulio in his New Mexico headquarters, will arrive, through a journey in stages, to Rome. Before tackling the initial stage, the participants (3 members of BisiachInBici who will travel, on their bikes, the distance between Duino and Rome assisted by a camper with another member of the association on board) will head to Fiumicello, the place of residence of  Giulio’s parents Paola and Claudio and his sister Irene. From here, those who will enjoy it will be able to accompany cyclists even for short distances. Once arrived at the final destination in Rome, on the 3rd of October, the supporters will give the Institutions a letter from the Regeni family in which they will illustrate the results achieved so far, asking at the same time that they continue to implement all possible actions to obtain the truth on what really happened in January of two years ago in Egypt. Also on the 3rd of October, from the afternoon until the evening, the final event of the cycle-relay will be held at the India Theater. There are going to be several personalities from the world of art and culture who have accepted the invitation, promoted by the collective Giulio Siamo Noi, with the Regeni family, the Avv. Alessandra Ballerini, Articolo Ventuno and others, to bring a testimony of their own pain and disdain with respect to what happened in Egypt, unfortunately still today without justice.

Artists, actors, singers, exponents of the political and cultural world will participate in the event with a thought, a memory, a contribution in various forms: reading, talking, telling, playing, singing, to stimulate reflection, to remember Giulio , to be close to his family and to those who loved him, alive and since when he became a boy forever.