Cultural Entrepreneurship


The Youth Committee of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO and the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Confcommercio together for the enhancement of the territory

Alessandro Micheli e Paolo Petrocelli

Alessandro Micheli and Paolo Petrocelli

On the occasion of the First National Assembly held in Rome on 15 and 16 January 2016, the “Youth Committee of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO” and the “Young Entrepreneurs Group – Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia” have signed a protocol  for the promotion and enhancement of cultural, environmental and entrepreneurial resources present in Italy.

The presidents Petrocelli (UNESCO Youth Committee) and Micheli (Young Entrepreneurs-Confcommercio) have signed an agreement that aims at the redevelopment of cultural tourism and in general the promotion of the whole tourism and hospitality sector able to enhance the territorial systems in a way sustainable and accessible.


Through the elaboration of project proposals and the development of strategic actions shared with public and private institutions, the agreement aims to sensitize local administrations, from the largest to the smallest, to identify interventions and activities useful for the enhancement of territorial cultural systems , encouraging the integration of the different cultural and economic sectors.

Aware of the enormous cultural potential present in Italy, as a key strategic lever for the country’s economic, social and cultural growth, the UNESCO Youth Committee and the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Confcommercio intend to promote the dissemination of a managerial culture in the management of cultural heritage , also thanks to the use of digital technologies and to the promotion of innovation processes within the whole tourism sector.

With the signing of this important agreement begins a shared path of exploration and promotion of our genius loci, as an asset able to promote the endogenous development of the territory.


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