18 Jun 2019

Here we are! from April 5th to 7th UNESCO Italian Youth Forum in Trieste!

UNESCO Giovani presents the UNESCO Italian Youth Forum. The second international forum of young Italians entirely dedicated to the great themes of UNESCO will take place in Trieste from 5 to 7 April.

The young members participating, aged between 18 and 35, will be the protagonists of the event, exchanging ideas, stimulating discussion and immersing themselves in the various UNESCO themes with the aim of focusing on the enhancement, development and transmission of the Italian cultural heritage.


OPENING EVENT – Friday 5th of April 7-10PM Teatro Verdi Trieste> open to the public, take part!


“Young Italians, let’s mobilize!”: This is the warning that UNESCO President Giovanni Petrocelli wants to address to the new generations at the UNESCO ITALIAN YOUTH FORUM in Trieste. “With this appointment – Petrocelli explains – we want to launch a new call to all those young citizens who believe that to build a better future for our country, we must first of all work on education, education and culture. We want to meet and talk with Italians in their twenties and thirties who are committed with passion, determination and courage, day after day, to make our society more just, more human, more united.

Structured for three days with initiatives open to the public (5 April) and for professionals (6 and 7), the Forum will focus this year on the theme Science, Environment and Protection of the Sea, with special focus on all the applications of science to culture, society and sustainable development of the planet.

“With this event – continues Petrocelli – we gather together all the young people who study, carry out research, teach in our schools and universities, all the young professionals who work in our institutions and in our companies with a sense of hope and pride, all young people who through the arts, music, writing create beauty, all the young people who engage in non-profit organizations to support and promote the great humanitarian causes and environmental issues. In summary, let’s call together all those young people who believe in meritocracy, democracy, European values, fundamental human rights. It’s time to go back and make us feel together! ”


The UNESCO ITALIAN YOUTH FORUM EVENT is an international meeting dedicated to hundreds of young Italians and Europeans aged 25 to 35 years focused on the great themes of UNESCO and received the recognition of the Representative Medal of the President of the Italian Republic. After Rome, Naples and Matera, the Forum arrives in Trieste, the European Science Capital 2020.


This is the program for Friday April 5th at the Teatro Verdi in Trieste (free admission subject to availability):

20:00 Talk by the President of the Italian Youth Association for UNESCO, Paolo Petrocelli

20:15 Opening of the UNESCO Italian Youth Forum – Trieste 2019

The President of the National Commission for UNESCO, Franco Bernabè, spoke

20:30 A chat with …

The President The President of the Italian Youth Association for UNESCO, Paolo Petrocelli


Vincenzo Spadafora, Undersecretary of State to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers

8.45pm The welcome of the hosts

The Representative of the Italian Youth Association for UNESCO, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marina Coricciati meets representatives of the Municipality of Trieste, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and the Teatro Verdi.

21:00 Points of view: Youth, Science and Participation

The Vice President of the Association, Giulia Serinelli and the Secretary of the Association Antonio Libonati meet:

The President of the Bracco Foundation, Diana Bracco

The FIT President, Champion ESOf 2020, Stefano Fantoni

The Senior Relationship Manager & LinkedIn Official Spokeperson, Francesca Lanzara

The architect at the Unesco Office, MiBAC General Secretariat, UNESCO Coordination-Office, Francesca Riccio

Fernando Quevedo, ICTP Director (Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics)

Special guest: Boosta, Casa Surace.

22:00 Closing




*** to participate in the ROUND TABLE on Saturday 6 April it is necessary to send an email to unescogiovani.youthforum@gmail.com inserting in the subject the name of the roundtable to which you want to participate and in the body of the email your data and contacts ***