International day for tolerance – Marche

November 16, 1995: the member states of the UN, adopting the “Declaration of Principles on Tolerance”, recognize the centrality of this value, at the base of universal human rights and fundamental freedoms. In a complex contemporaneity, in which globalization approaches, but generates fears and tensions, education for tolerance is the answer to fight every form of injustice. New contexts are therefore imposed on the national scene and are certainly reflected also in the regional context; from observing the needs of our territory, we members of the Youth Committee for the CNI of UNESCO in the Marche Region want to commit ourselves to a concrete proposal to overcome the critical issues through the sharing of unescan values. Faced with the transversal nature of this concept, “The International Day of Tolerance” seemed to us the most suitable casket to promote the issues that are close to our heart: cultural diversity, education for peace, sustainable development, free information, the defense of human rights.

The thread that knots all the activities of our Committee is precisely the engagement: the commitment, the promise we want to keep is to bring the communities closer together, make them participate, in an inclusive process of active and proactive involvement.

We would also like to undermine the concept of tolerance as “endurance”, but rather to reaffirm its inclusive value, wealth, curiosity, love and passion for cultures and identities different from ours.