18 Jun 2019

Summer … at the cinema! UNESCO Giovani cultural partner of Isola del Cinema in Rome, ready to re-launch # unite4earth

Founded in 1995 to celebrate the Centenary of the Birth of the Seventh Art, the Film Island is located in one of the most evocative places in Rome: the Tiber Island, declared Humanity’s Artistic Heritage by UNESCO. Over the years, “The Island of the Cinema”, appreciated by the main Italian and international institutions starting from the Patronage of Unesco, has become a spotlight of the great Italian and International Cinema. This year UNESCO Giovani becomes a cultural partner of Isola del Cinema, establishing a major agreement between two institutions aimed at spreading culture, knowledge and awareness. And it will be precisely the cinematographic event that lasts from mid-June to the beginning of September to frame the launch event of the # unite4earth campaign, anticipated by the Trieste Forum. “For UNESCO Youth it is an honor to forge a cultural partnership with such a prestigious institution as the Island of Cinema,” said President Antonio Libonati. “This is the first step for the realization of important joint projects, also to relaunch and support our great campaign for the protection and protection of the environment and the seas, called @unite4earth”.

Stay tuned for all the updates!