26 Sep 2018

The Italian Youth Association for UNESCO presents the first exhibition of the heritages of the future

In the splendid setting of the Archaeological Museum of Naples, one of the oldest and most important in the world for its wealth and uniqueness, the inauguration of the exhibition of the patrimony of the future, promoted by the Italian Youth Association, will take place on Friday, September 28th at 11:00 am for UNESCO in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research – Directorate General for the Student and the Caruso Institute of Naples as part of the national training project “UNESCOEdu – Future Present“.

48 works created by schools of all levels and styles that, through architecture, painting, modeling, sculpture and new technologies, recount the new forms of art and expression that the young generations are building in the present, through a constant comparison with the past, and which will become their legacy for future generations.

The exhibition, sponsored by the Regional Council of Campania and by the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Naples involved over 3,500 students in over 12 months of activity and will be open to the public until October 6th.

The works have been selected through the national competition “Future Present” and produced within the “UNESCOEdu” laboratories, the training project promoted by UNESCOgiovani and realized thanks to the contribution of MIUR.

Now in its second edition, UNESCOEdu is the only national training project that involves the activation of educational workshops, realized thanks to the collaboration of public and private partners and with the tutoring of young volunteers of UNESCOgiovani, thesis for the promotion in schools of the operational programs developed by UNESCO in the international field in the fields of Education, Communication and Information, Natural Sciences, Human and Social Sciences and Culture.

“We are particularly proud of the realization of this exhibition”, – commented Paolo Petrocelli, president of the Youth for UNESCo Association. “On show there are above all the commitment and passion of young students with whom our members and our partners have worked for over a year, alongside partners and local institutions, going to create innovative projects that rethink our territories with creativity and vision of the future. This initiative concludes one of our national training programs that we care about most. This is the commitment that we have always set ourselves: actively involve the younger generations, those to whom we as an association want to talk to transfer UNESCO values. To enhance and promote with a new approach the immense cultural heritage of which our country is so rich, we must look to the future by involving all the best young forces, starting right from the school world “.

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