23 Jan 2018

UNESCO Giovani in dialogue with the UN Special Envoy for Youth!

UNESCO Giovani in dialogue with the UN Special Envoy for Youth Jayathma Wickramanayake. Appointment on May 22nd for the event “Youth and the 2030 Agenda” organized by the SIOI in Rome, on the occasion of the visit to Italy of the Youth Envoy of the UN Secretary General, Jayathma Wickramanayake. The meeting with the UN Special Envoy for Youth will be an important occasion to describe, through the intervention of President Paolo Petrocelli, the activities and the spirit of our association. The event, starting at 11.00, includes a round table with representatives of the main Italian youth organizations.

Here are the interventions:

  • Diego CIMINO, DG Development Cooperation – MAECI
  • Giuseppina DE MARCO, Italian Youth Delegate to the UN
  • Maria PISANI, Spokesman for the National Youth Forum
  • Paolo PETROCELLI, President Youth Association for UNESCO
  • Renato CURSI, Spokesperson for the “Youth, Peace and Security” Network
  • Alice RINALDUZZI, AIESEC Italia External Relations Manager
  • Angela SCICCHITANO, MSOI National Coordinator



During the meeting will also be presented in detail the UNYDP Italy 2018/2019 Program expiring the 7th of June.

For more information and subscriptions youth@sioi.org.