18 Jun 2019

UNESCO Giovani Pitch Night || call for cultural and artistic projects in Emilia Romagna !!

The Italian Youth Association for UNESCO, Emilia Romagna regional committee launches PITCH NIGHT – United for Culture, the call for applications for a contribution to cultural and artistic projects. The initiative brings together for the first time, under the leadership of Unesco Giovani, the main public and private actors promoting Bologna’s cultural, business and social life with the aim of supporting youth artistic creativity. The City of Bologna, the Bologna Museums Institution, School Education, the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Confindustria Emilia-Romagna Giovani and CNA Young Entrepreneurs will be in fact alongside our Association. The protagonists will not only be the participating artists, but all of us. In fact, the finalists will be judged by the audience in the hall and by all those who, through the Idea Ginger platform, will want to support the initiative. A way to empower all of us, but also to feel part of the work or performance that will be realized! During the evening the finalists will have ten minutes to tell the project to the public / judges and to the funders of the project that will then decide who will be the winner, assigning the collected contribution! The goal of the Unesco Giovani Pitch Night project is to reinforce the cultural fabric of the city of Bologna, networking the new projects proposed by the participants not only with financiers, but also with institutions, trade associations, entrepreneurs, professionals and citizens to create a community active that supports creativity and culture in our territory. For the participants, starting from March 13 and until April 22, it will be possible to send to the email address of the Emilia Romagna committee, the application form for projects.

For all those who instead want to support the initiative, donation collection is already open to secure a jury seat on the final evening and thus contribute to choosing the winning project!


For information: Elena Girelli tel. 349 0996114

giovaniunesco.emiliaromagna@gmail.com –



To win a seat as a juror, donate now on


We thank the Municipality of Bologna, the Institutions, CNA Young Entrepreneurs and Confindustria, sensitizing civil society towards greater cultural awareness.