05 Feb 2019

UNESCO Italian Youth Forum in Trieste From April 5 to 7 – 300 young people will discuss international issues

The UNESCO Italian Youth Forum is back: after the success of Matera 2018, Trieste will be the city that from April 5 to 7 will host about 300 young people who will discuss issues of international importance.
“It will be a great event open to all citizens,” said national secretary Antonio Libonati. “An event aimed at making us understand how science can help us protect the environment”. On culture, Libonati declared that it is the moment when “we are all called to defend the world cultural heritage”. In the notes published by the Italian Youth Association for UNESCO we read that the Trieste forum will be “an opportunity to collaborate with an international event with a very high cultural and social value in line with UNESCO values, ESOF 2020 (EuroScience Open Forum of Trieste) “. Moreover, the three days will become an opportunity “for dialogue both at national and international level on the role of young people in the processes of promotion of Education, the Science of Culture” and finally “an opportunity to investigate the significance of the present in UNESCO, to enhance the role of science as a tool for sustainable development of society “.
Workshops and laboratories

“Unesco Giovani in Italy – said Marina Coricciati, Unesco regional representative Fvg – has the largest representation of young people in the world with 300 boys and girls from all regions. Thanks to the collaboration with the Municipality, from April 5th to 7th the second UNESCO Forum “Uniti per la terra” will take place in Trieste with important guests, workshops and laboratories, in which the theme of science will be developed in relation to the environment as precious heritage that must be protected to the maximum. Solutions will be sought and policies implemented to combat in particular the pollution of the marine environment “.