04 Apr 2018

UNESCOEDU 2017/2018 | Future Present competition call

A new call for schools and students from all regions of Italy to participate in the UNESCO project Edu! For the a.s. 2017/2018 the UNESCO Youth Association, in collaboration with the MIUR – Directorate General for Students, has launched the “Future Present” Competition Call for the promotion of the cultural production of young generations.

“The awareness of being custodians and users of a cultural heritage – reads the purpose of the announcement – contributes to the formation of the personal, social and cultural identity of active and participating citizens. (…) The need for the protection, safeguard and enhancement of our cultural heritage, material, immaterial, environmental and landscape has been the object of many important projects and initiatives promoted by the Institutions, Associations, Foundations operating in the world of culture. (…) To this end, we intend to promote a broad reflection on new forms of art and expression and on what the younger generations perceive as the heritage of today and tomorrow. A wide path that accompanies them, also through the comparison with the heritage of the past, towards the awareness of the heritage that are building today and that will be tomorrow: from painting to street art, from photographic exhibitions to digital image galleries, from literature to posts and tweets on social media, from architecture to videogame or video art 3D modeling, from sculpture to digital fabrication to eco-sustainable technologies. Educational institutions of every level, single or on the network, constituted or constituting, are admitted to participate. For the realization of the purposes, the Scholastic Institution or the school network, will be able to make use of the skills and professionalism of external subjects, such as public and private institutions, associations, cultural centers, research institutions, universities, foundations and the third sector, that can be a resource for the project “.

For information you can write to the e-mail addresses of the regions or contact number 393/8462654