World Food Day

The dissemination of an adequate level of education, which is one of the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development and a key principle of UNESCO, contributes to the maintenance of a good state of health through sustainable lifestyles based on correct and responsible food choices.

The Youth Committee of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO Valle d’Aosta has chosen to promote World Food Day, with the aim of enhancing sustainable territorial productivity, promoting excellences and realities less known as primary actors for the creation of a cultural food heritage.

The Valle d’Aosta Committee, with the help of valuable partnerships and training, wants to promote initiatives against waste and culture of the earth, also identifying realities and spaces where you explore the different phases of the correct combination of foods with the effects of individual lifestyle on the whole community.

The central core of the Day will be an event in which experts from the sector will participate and will oversee the organization of participatory activities, actively approaching the public to the issue.